How Do I Register?

You can complete our online application here


What Are Your Rates?

Our JURASSIC Program (Afterschool) at Bullock/Bowe is FREE for all Bullock and Bowe School Students in grades 3-8. We have full time and part time rates to meet every family’s needs. Please complete our Contact Us page and we will reach out to schedule a tour! We offer family discounts, tuition assistance and accept NJ Cares for Kids Child Care Subsidies.

Where are the programs held?

All of our programs are located in Glassboro. Our administrative office is located at 31 South Main Street. Our preschool is located at 35 South Main Street , adjacent to the office. Our school age programs are located at J. Harvey Rodgers School, (RASKEL), Dorothy L Bullock School (Horizon/JURASSIC) and at Thomas E. Bowe School (JURASSIC).

How do I pay?

GCDC uses Procare Online’s Tuition Express. All payments are contactless and on auto debit.

What are your hours?

All programs are open Monday through Friday. Our preschool building is open 7:00am-5:30pm. School Age Programs are open 7:00am till the start of school and after school until 6:00pm. Our Summer Camps Horizon and JURASSIC are open 7:00am-5:30pm.

Are your programs licensed and inspected?

Yes! All of our programs are licensed, and our preschool facility is a Grow NJ Kids Star Rated program. This means our quality is above the state licensing requirements. Our school age programs are inspected and are evaluated by the Department of Education using the NJ Quality Standards for Afterschool.

What is included in my tuition?

Our preschool program tuition includes all meals (breakfast, lunch and PM snack), materials, diapers, wipes, pull ups, baby food and formula. Our preschool students will need a blanket and change of clothes. Other special events or field trips may require a nominal fee. School Age tuition includes all materials and meals. Registration fees cover cost of trips and special events.

What are meals like?

We provide breakfast (grain, milk, fruit), lunch (protein, grain, fruit, vegetable, milk) and a PM snack (2 components) every day. We can accommodate most dietary accommodations as discussed during the enrollment process. No food may be brought from home unless there is a medical note. This ensures adherence to the child and adult care food program and helps us to manage allergies of all children. Meals are provided to all children regardless of income or eligibility.

What is your inclement weather or emergency closing policy?

Our School Age programs are in the public schools and therefore if the school closes, our programs do as well. Our preschool will close on a case-by-case basis based on safety. Emergency closures not made up will be credited to your account if fees have been paid by the parent/guardian.

What if my child is sick?

Please keep your child home if they are sick. See our communicable disease policy in our handbook. If your child is too ill to play outside, please keep them home. Children must be symptom free for 24 hours before returning to school. Three days out requires a doctor’s note, please.

What time do I have to drop off and pick up?

Preschool - Drop off is between opening 7:00 AM and 9:00 AM. We eat breakfast together as a class at 9:00 AM and children are sad when they miss breakfast. Pick up can be anytime after 2:30 PM (end of rest time) until we close at 6:00 PM

School Age Programs – Drop off is anytime between opening 7:00 AM and the start of school. Pick up is anytime between the end of school and 6:00 PM. Pick up for the Bowe Middle School JURASSIC program is 5:30 PM .

Do I have to pay for childcare if my child is sick or if we go on vacation?

Childcare fees are due whether your child attends or not. To maintain quality staff, they are paid whether there are 10 students in class or 15. Illness for more than a day or so can be considered on a case-by-case basis. All families may use two weeks’ vacation by notifying the office in advance that your child will be away and will not attend. Special note: If public schools have delayed openings or early dismissals, we will provide care for the longer period of time at no additional cost.

What if my family decides to withdraw from GCDC programs?

We will miss you! We require 2 weeks’ notice of leaving care, so we have time to fill the childcare slot.

How do I communicate with teachers and the office?

Classroom matters regarding your child may be communicated directly to the teacher/group leader through our Procare App. Please start with the teacher. If you need more assistance, you may reach out to the Site Director, whose contact information is available in our parent handbook. Account, enrollment, and billing matters must be communicated to our office. The number is (856) 881-3331.

Is this just childcare or will you teach my child?

GCDC has a Grow NJ Kids star rated preschool that uses the same play-based curriculum and assessment as the school district, Creative Curriculum and Teaching Strategies Gold. The curriculum is for infants, toddlers, and preschool students up to age 5. Children will engage in social emotional, physical and language, math, science, and diverse activities that help develop the whole child. All our graduating PreK4 students are ready for kindergarten! Our school age programs are aligned with the school day and are STEAM-based. STEAM stands for Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Math. Our Camps are Summer Learning Programs that use research-based hands-on project-based learning.

Who are the teachers?

Our teachers and youth development staff are degreed, certified, endorsed and receive quality professional development that supports their work with our children. All have CPR and First Aid certification. Teacher to child ratio is lower than state requirements.