GCDC Male Staff Making Posititive Contributions to the Lives of Our Children

Childcare and Education has historically been a female dominated industry and although the number of men working in childcare is rising, it continues to be considerably less than women working in the same industry. Glassboro Child Development Centers is proud to offer our families an inclusive and diverse group of professionals to care for their children. GCDC currently employs nine talented male team members.
Children develop their sense of identity at a young age and the influence of a strong male role models is fundamental in cultivating significant bonds with both males and females as adults. GCDC’s Agency Relations, Ms. Betsy, spent some time with a few of GCDC’s male team members to learn more about who they are and why they are here.
First, Betsy spoke with Mr. Chris. His beginnings with GCDC started when his mother, Ms. Violet from our Infant room, use to bring him to preschool as a young child. He would observe as she opened the building and prepared for the day. As part of our CIT program, Mr. Chris began working with GCDC as a Counselor-In-Training where he helped with supervision, assisted the teacher with art projects and interacted with the children. After a brief time away, Ms. Chris rejoined GCDC and is now working with our Toddlers in the Preschool. Mr. Chris says that working with children came naturally to him as he came from a large family. One of his influences is his big brother, who taught him to stay positive and always put his best foot forward.
Mr. Chris noted one struggle as a male working in Early Childhood. He mentions the apprehension of some parents who meet him for the first time. He wants others to know that males can be caring and nurturing and that GCDC requires all employees to be well trained in things such as Active Supervision, Diapering, Social-Emotional skills and CPR/First Aid.
Next, Betsy met with Mr. Davore, an integral part of our RASKEL team at J. Harvey Rodgers school. Mr. Davore works with our three- to six-year-olds. Mr. Davore’s greatest influence is his Grandmom, who moved to this area from Brooklyn and sacrificed everything she had to make sure her family had a better life. Using his grandmother as his role model, Mr. Davore came to work with GCDC knowing that he would have an influence on children. However, he didn’t expect the impact the children would have on him. Working here has made him a more caring and stronger individual. Davore explains the advantages of working with GCDC is the fun environment and flexibility – allowing him to earn a living and continue schooling without conflict.
Ms. Betsy also had a chance to catch up with Mr. Seth, who works with our elementary students at our after-school program at Dorothy Bullock School. He was introduced to GCDC by his brother Arlen, who also works with our school-age children at Bullock school. Mr. Seth hopes that by promoting children’s mental health through GCDC’s social-emotional involvement, it helps older children with the difficulties that sometimes come with puberty, self-identity and awareness. Mr. Seth said that coming to work here at GCDC is like pushing a “Pause Button”. He is able to leave the outside world behind for a few hours and fully engage with the children. He is always happy to come to work each day.
GCDC is proud of the work each of our staff do – and especially grateful to the men who contribute to the social and emotional development of the children in our care. We hope with their testimonies and continued work in this field, others like them will feel encouraged to do the same.